Gathering of An Army

Assisting Afar

Session 31

From the diary of Skittels, dated Arodus 9…

Dear diary,

I am hoping that all of this work I put into this amazing masterpiece of mechanika will not be in vane, though I do not know why I thought that four ex-soldiers would be able to scrounge up enough coin to pay for this magnificent appendage. However I do believe that I offered them a fair deal.

Recently, I have not heard notice from Prush in Derefeld. This is an issue since he is in possession of blueprints of my current work, along with many other prototypes currently in pre-development. If these were to fall into the wrong hands, I fear what could be devel Luckily, there is no other person who is capable of producing mechanika on such a scale as myself in these parts. The only one I’ve heard of that may even be capable of reading such artistry goes by the name of Hammerfoot, though I have only heard of his work from the eastern shores and not actually been able to lay my eyes upon any results of his profession.

Let us hope that my friend’s expedition is a successful one and that they will return safely with good news at hand.

From the personal journal of Warren Padilla, dated Arodus 12…

It’s been almost a month, and not only is Matthis still blabbering about the military and council, but now Shai and her lackeys have skipped town. Apparently, she was not the one that I could entrust with such a time sensitive matter. And while I would love to walk out there right now and slit that little fat bastard’s throat, any aggression from the army would surely only provoke the masses. We are almost assuredly royally fucked at this point.


KiloGex KiloGex

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