Gathering of An Army

Invasion of the Caverns - Part 2

Session 23

We had the kobolds carry Rodash’s body to someplace safe. Harman did his best to try and communicate to them that we needed a place where we could rest up and make sure that the big guy was okay. Apparently Shai couldn’t muster up any more glowing-hands mumbo-jumbo to make him better, so this was our best bet.

They lead us down a bunch of tunnels until we finally came to a room, but safe it definitely wasn’t. Falltu and Rusk Marian started yelling that they were being shot at and ran off, one towards the room and the other back down the hallway. I kept my eye on Marian running down the tunnel, but Harman told Shai to keep near me, so I figured that I would stay close. Meanwhile, Harman and Falltu ran into the room to smash some shit up. And man, did they. All I heard was metal and wood being tossed everywhere.

I managed to get one decent shot at the goblin that Marian ran after, but apparently he got away. It looked like the kobolds lead us to their armory that had been completely raided. This place definitely wasn’t safe, so Harman asked the lizards to take us to the All-Watcher instead. They got the gist and started leading us down another tunnel.

Fat ton of good that was. When we reached the All-Watcher, there were voices up ahead that definitely weren’t kobold. I scoped ahead and realized that there was a bunch of lizard guys tied up with goblins watching over them. Me and Harman came up with a plan: Falltu and kobolds would make their way to the hostages, Marian would go around to the other side while me and Harman would provide cover fire for them.

The plan worked well enough, and soon we were able to free a bunch of the kobolds. Falltu went berzerk and bashed the heads of a couple of goblins, while Harman and Marian did a pretty decent job of cleaning up the other side and made their way to the top of the platform. Harman called out that there was someone, or something on the other side and Marian just went jumping off at it. Sounded like it went pretty well, considering that I heard some loud grunts, slams of metal and Marian groaning a lot. Great.

And holy crap was this guy ugly. This rough warty skin that was obviously not moisturized, messed up teeth, a metal lion’s head for one hand, which had apparently been relocated to the other arm since his right side had two hands from the elbow. But those two hands held a giant sword.

I got a couple good shots in though, and soon enough big ugly went running to his momma. Only problem? Apparently she was on the other side of Shai and Rodash. Harman yelled out to warn her, and the rest of us went chasing after him. But, when we got there, all that was left was a barbecued hunk of shit.

We took Rodash and dragged him into the room, then went to check on the All-Watcher. Yeah… he was just a pile of mush at that point. Looks like the big guy had taken care of him in a bad way.

A bunch of the kobolds gathered around and one of them started taking the cloak and staff from the All-Watcher’s corpse. He disappeared behind a hidden door and we all pretty much passed out after that.

The next morning… maybe morning, who knows… a few of us woke up with Rodash and had a little chat. Basically, shit is messed up and we need to figure out what we’re doing here and why. Looks like Harman doesn’t even really understand why they’re still here. When the new All-Watcher came out of his little hidden chamber, Rodash translated some stuff for us and, long story short, we can stay here as long as we want until we have to leave. Also, looks like these goblins are their enemies or something and they fight all of the time. A heads up would have been nice.

Armies. Monks trying to kill me. Rock things in a mountain. Orcs, ogres and trolls. A field of statues. Fucking skeletons coming out of the ground and a… something disappearing into a cloud of smoke. Gates in the side of a mountain. Kobolds fighting goblins. This is all just way too much.

I can’t wait until I can sleep in a bed again.


KiloGex KiloGex

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