Gathering of An Army

It Is a Mine

Session 21

Barregen Cromwell’s Personal Journal…

We finally made it to the mine, and apparently the lizard king forgot to inform us that this was their off season for work. The entire thing is empty, but luckily Roedash worked here occasionally, so at least he knows his way around this place. Falltu, Harman and myself grabbed some picks and shovels while Rusk and Shai followed Roedash down the tunnels to light the way.

Damn, these tunnels are deep. But, at least we’re out of the cold.

Hours later, we finally start to see signs where mining was still happening before their winter break. These deposits aren’t nearly as pure as I need them though, so we continued down. Looks like we weren’t the only ones enjoying the warmer air down here though. A shit-ton of bats began to swarm when our lanterns invaded their nesting spot. Fucking Rusk and Falltu decided to start swinging about instead of just letting them pass, and we got into a really long and bothersome fight. Ever try to hit one bat, let alone fifty? Yeah, that’s how fun that was.

After Harman bagged up a bunch of them and Falltu smashed the shit (literally) out of them, we moved on.

After a rest, we finally found a sizable deposit of carbonized iron, perfect for smelting down into steel. Mining out as much as we could carry, we made the long trip back to the surface and decided to rest once more before heading back to the lizard caves.


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