Gathering of An Army

Unsettling News

Session 34

From the official journal of First General Warren Padilla, dated the 24th of Arodus…

The former soldier known as Ro’Dash has been useful in pulling information from the hobgoblin captive as of late. We are noting all of the information that we have gathered, which will be included in a final report once we are able to piece together all of the information into something useful for our defensive – and possibly offensive – needs.

Additionally, with the recent events within the town, we have increased guard posts within Newhold from dawn to dusk. Our hope is that with an increased military presence we will be able to decrease the threat of harm to those wandering about the streets. Included will be a request for each person to stay within their dwellings or keep their time spent on the roads to a minimum. While we cannot force people to stay inside, we can suggest that they do so for their own safety until this situation is resolved.

From the personal journal of Warren Padilla, dated Arodus 24…

After speaking with Tarik Barros and Ro’Dash, it’s been determined that we both need to take out this group of turncoats as well as leading blame away from the military or any of it’s associates. After talking with the hobgoblin, Ro’Dash has come up with the plan (which he’s agreed with) of having the hobgoblin take the blame for the deaths. This will not only allow me to get rid of this prisoner that’s just been a distraction to the men, but also give us a way to cast blame on some spectral force outside of the town. Two birds, one stone and all that.


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