First General Warren Padilla

First General of the 3rd Legion


Growing up in Gerbrook the son of a steer farmer, Warren had a childhood similar to the majority of children during his time. When his father would go off for militia training a few days every month or so, it would be up to him and his older brother – Myles – to run the day-to-day operations. And when he came of age, it would be his time to head off to Langen where he would receive his preliminary martial training to prepare him for the occasional attacks from gnolls and goblins (especially since he was near a food source for their enemies, it was even more important that he be ready for such a fight).

Unlike most higher ranking officers in the Skalderna military, Warren was not originally a full-time soldier. After his training in Langen, he did return to his family’s farm and continue his work there. However, when the mass incursion began, his farm was one of the first to be destroyed by the Dark Army; his father and sister were killed, while his brother permanently disabled attempting to save the life of their mother. It was at this point that Warren had nothing else, not even his home, and he felt that he had no other choice but to join the ranks of the military.

His early adoption into the ranks gave him a foot in the door when the organization of the official military began, hence his fairly swift advancement within the ranks. While he does not feel that his life belongs within the military, at this moment he does feel that he owes his current time to it, as without the collective power he knows that his farm and the handful of others would not be the only ones to have been destroyed, and that many more lives beyond his father and sister’s would have been lost.

First General Warren Padilla

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