River Guide


Living on the edge of the Rakitan River in Pramaya, Pormas has served as a river guide for the better part of his life – learning the area from his father, who in turn learned it from his father. The majority of his career had been spent ferrying traders up and down the river, and occasionally taking them through the swamps for more dubious customers. However, lately he has been escorting refugees from the west that the Resistance has been bringing from the troubled lands. Mainly, Pormas has been delivering people to the Leebrook and some scattered departure points along the riverbank.

Now, with the arrival of the Skaldernian army in Pramaya, he has been appropriated to bring the soldiers both from the northern settlements to the village, as well as to the paths that will eventually lead the armies to the desert. For the last year, maybe more, Pormas has done nothing but act as a dog of the military and thus his swamp supply depots and waystations along the river have fallen into disrepair. However, he is fairly certain that none of that will be worth a damn after this war is over.


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