A few hundred or so citizens, craftsmen, and soldiers embarked on a journey through the mountains to the north; the area known only very vaguely as the “Highlands”. There, they settled in an area several miles away from the mountains, with lands for building, farming, and herding. Construction of the settlement has been slow going, however there has been little to distract them from their mission and nearly no delays have occurred. Following the traditions of most larger town and cities within Skalderna, a council has been formed of the highest ranking military officials as well as those who previously held ranks within Skalderna.

Since it’s inception, more have come from across the Breach to join in this new hopeful landing – now being called Newhold.

City Leaders

  • Baron Gracehana Fletcher
  • Councilor Seaeak Pegason
  • First General (3rd Legion) Warren Padilla
  • Grand Diplomat Xanmorn Urthadar
  • High Priestess (vacant)
  • Magister Otiamros Songsteel
  • Marshal Rear Captain Ambrose Bair
  • Spymaster Rear Captain Johnie Wagoner
  • Treasurer Leoamros Dryadson
  • Warden Infantry Captain Millard Estes


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