Shoanti Tribe

Most of the history from the seven Shoanti clans has been lost to the ages. What little that remains does not divulge much detail, though it does provide enough history to give a sense of where the tribes have come from, and why they exist the way they are today.

Well over a hundred years before these days, the Shoanti lived as seven seperate tribes in the lands on the opposite side of the Breaching Mountains. They lived as individuals, but with a common understanding that if one were to fall out of balance then so the rest would fall in turn. Therefore, an uneasy peace had existed for many generations. However, after so many decades of peace, the Shunder-Quah (or Clan of the Spire) fell under the beguiling guidance of an evil force who was desperate to bring chaos to the northern lands. The Spire Clan began raiding the others and soon all found themselves in the thralls of battle – As one clan moved to protect their boarders, another would begin to take advantage of the weakness and invade the weakened lands. Eventually, all of the clans found themselves scurrying about, simply begging the Gods for survival.

They were not the only clans to attempt to take advantage of this situation though. The orc clans to the west saw an opportunity in the battles between the Shoanti and soon banded together to expel the humans from the lands. Their plan worked, and the remaining clans found themselves on the run, crossing the mountains in order to evade total desimation at the hands of the orcs. After several months, they arrived in the lands of the south, though in no better a situation.

The trbes found these new lands with different players, though a very similar game. War had ravaged these parts just the same, and the Shoanti had no choice but to make their way into the one area where no enemy would dare to travel – the Ashened Vale.

Within the lands of the northern desert, against the Black Hills edging the mountains, the five tribes settled into their new home. Since the establishment of their new territory the clans have once again found peace. Though they have since lost some of their individuality when it comes to the seperate clans, they still hold tight to their rolls and talents that defined them. The tribes still exist in their distinctive quah, though now they live as one.

Shoanti Tribe

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