Gathering of An Army

Big Trouble in Little Newhold

Session 33

From the official journal of First General Warren Padilla, dated the 16th of Arodus…

As notice had informed us, the First Legion marched into our settlement today and will be resupplying and resting outside of Newhold for the night. They are apparently making their way further north to explore and settle additional territories. From what I have been told, the Fourth Legion is now the only force left in Langen proper, though from accounts there is currently in development a new Fifth Legion so that 1st Gen. Alvaredo may join the ranks of the Highlands.

From the official journal of First General Warren Padilla, dated the 21th of Arodus…

It has been reported to me that the one who calls himself Ro’Dash was assaulted several days ago by a group of unknown assailants in the midst of the night. From his account, he was held hostage within the basement of the candle shop, finally being able to escape his captor; evidence left to back up his statement is the broken shop window which he says he made his escape through. However, Mr. Harving – the owner of Willy’s Wicks Candle Shop – is saying that the window was broken by some hooligan youths around dusk. In response as to why he had not reported this, Mr. Harving said that he had not spotted the assailants and therefore did not see a need to report it, as there was no one to report. By the time my officers had arrived at the shop, the glass had been cleaned and the window boarded up.

None the less, an escort for Ro’Dash and his associates was given for their return to the inn as a precaution.

From the personal journal of Warren Padilla, dated Arodus 22…

McKeon and Shai have spoken with me, and apparently I wasn’t clear enough in my discussion with the young oracle. However, she has apparently spoken with her comrades and Rusk has cleared things up for her.

They’ve also spoken with me about this apparent ring of terrorists and defectors within our town, which stretches from tradesmen to my own soldiers. At this point, I’m keeping things off the record since we have no clue how far up this conspiracy goes, but thanks to Falltu we have an idea of some of the soldiers involved. In regards to the group who assaulted Ro’Dash, we have no real way to figure out who it was. The guard who was supposed to be patrolling the area was one of the soldiers which Falltu listed, so that is most likely the reasoning behind our lack of information. They did apparently steal Ro’Dash’s weapon though – a pair of knives attached by a chain – which is rare enough that, if we were to find it, surely that person was associated with the group in question.

I have a few men who I believe I can trust, though I’ll be doing my research without overtly sharing the information with them. Meanwhile, my mercenaries will be performing their own investigation and reporting to me anything they discover.


KiloGex KiloGex

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