Gathering of An Army

Edicts and Adversaries

Session 36/37

From the official journal of First General Warren Padilla, dated the 30th of Arodus…

With the recent events, the council has requested an increased military presence throughout the town, as well as formal curfews, trade regulations, and residency to be regulated by the military. Residence of Newhold will apply for paperwork that will deem them official citizens of Newhold, which will be needed to leave and enter the town. Tradesmen will also need additional paperwork to bring goods in and out of the town, as well as pay a tax on goods sold to cover the increased expenditure of guards and time required at gate posts.

The council has also requested that we send soldiers into the woods to search down the hobgoblins that entered Newhold. My suggestion was to instead send a group of contracted individuals who would not put a tax on our already exhausted and expended military presence within the town. I showed them documentation from Derefeld explaining that this particular group was very helpful in ending a slew of bandit attacks on their settlement as well as merchant wagons going to and from their area. They agreed and I will be speaking with Mr. McKeon to come to an agreement.

Information gathered over the last several months from farmers and merchants will possibly assist them in tracking down this group of attackers.


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