Gathering of An Army

Following the Trail

Session 19

They walk.

And walk.

And walk.

This group covers plenty of ground in the frigid air encompassing these new lands. Though they still have not grasped the true effect that such weather has upon their bodies, as they continue to march without protection or thought of the icy winds. They continue along the path that the Oracle has laid out for them: West towards a clearing of some sort.

By the next day, they reach this clearing. It is nothing more than felled trees that show no more signs of life. However, apparently there is a path leading south through the woods. Horse tracks? Interesting. This might suggest life within these lands after all.

The cold apparently keeps most of the wilds at bay, though within a few days they once again find that the lands hold many surprises. Rusk’s keen eyes have nearly paid off, as he is able to warn Falltu of the large beast that is in front of her just before she meets it face to face herself. A manticore has apparently stumbled upon their camping grounds in search of food.

I was not aware that such a beast still thrived within this world. An interesting development that may require more research.

The group does rouse from their slumbers and rally somewhat quickly, almost working together with the onset of possible death looming over them. Soon enough, they have scared off the beast as it takes flight, disappearing into the dark and clouded skies.

For the next couple of days they travel. Their exploits are becoming more and more tiresome, quite nearly a waste of my efforts. Within time, they reach the mountains once again, though at this location is the birth of a waterfall, several hundred feet tall from appearances. As they survey the surrounding area, it appears that the horse tracks are mixed alongside kobolds. Oh, this certainly should be a delight. Harman sends Rusk beneath the waterfall to follow the tracks, and the scout comes back with rather interesting sightings.

A wall of wood built within a tunnel found behind the water. Thick wood with a large door in the middle. No windows or slits to be seen. Oh… They are approaching the door with hopes of diplomacy and peace? They hope to find friends and allies with the kobolds? Their lack of knowledge of these crude lizards is most beneficial indeed. Apparently I will not need his services, after all.

These bundles of flesh have served their purpose, and now have worn out their interest. Their lives will be ended far away from their families and without purpose being found. Tis an unfortunate ending for such an enticing group, however they have given all they can and found wanting in the end. I shall turn myself again to more pressing matters, now with their failures at hand and new stories shall unveil, I am sure.


KiloGex KiloGex

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