Gathering of An Army

Freedom of Movement

Session 29

From the official journal of Major Lieutenant Harrold Trumble, dated the 1st of Sarenith…

Following their return to Newhold, the former guard unit of Shai has been offered a demotion, though from what 1st Gen. Padilla has told me they instead offered their resignation from the military. At this moment, her former guards have been released from our custody while the location of Shai is unknown. However, seeing how at this point there was no laws broken or harm done to any soldiers or citizens, her whereabouts or well being are inconsequential to us from this moment on.

From the official journal of First General Warren Padilla, dated the 1st of Sarenith…

After a brief discussion with McKeon, Ro’Dash, Barros, and Arfen, it has been decided that they will be leaving the ranks of the military to pursue their own endeavors within the settlement.

From the personal journal of Warren Padilla, dated Sarenith 1…

I’ve talked with the former guards of the former Oracle and decided that it could be beneficial to us all if they worked in a more unofficial and as-needed capacity. Their services will be called on whenever I don’t feel the need to put my own men at risk. I’ve offered them a relatively low stipend for their troubles, a measly 5 silver each per job, which will be kept off the books in an official capacity and simply marked down as a market expenditure. I’m certainly interested to see where this collaboration goes and precisely how long they’ll survive without the roof of the military over their heads.

From the personal journal of Warren Padilla, dated Sarenith 3…

The 1st chance for our little merc group popped up, when I sent them to scope out some possible issues with orcs in the western farmlands. Quite late in the night, they returned with literally the heads of their enemies, though instead of orcs they turned out to be hobbs. They also returned with a prisoner who is now being kept underneath the barracks for further interrogation. Ro’Dash has shown a particular interest in speaking with this goblin, and while I’m inclined to let him I’m also weary that he’ll feel a need to help those which he shares blood with. I’ll most definitely have an extra eye kept on him while this creature is settled in our custody.


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