Gathering of An Army

Guess Who's Back

Session 25

From the journal of Barregen Cromwell

So far, we’ve made it back into the stinking, dank, dark tunnels of the mountain that we did so much to get out of in the first place. I cannot believe that we’re back in here after all this time. It’s been four days since we came back in and so far it’s exactly the same: tunnel, tunnel, more tunnel. Statues and flowers, then rocks. At least this time there doesn’t seem to be any more ogres.

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Orcs. Fucking stupid orcs. Looks like these things spread out a bit since we came through here last. We came up on them at the start of night during a thunderstorm, which helped cover our approach a bit. Shai doused their torches and kept them busy looking for light, while we snuck up with Rusk taking the lead (Not sure how I feel about seeing him again). Problem was when Falltu got tripped up on the rocks and alerted the guards to our location and the honed in on us quick enough.

Luckily, Ro’Dash managed to talk them down from killing us to just letting us not pass through their territory. Unfortunately, as we found out later when we made our way to the other side of the valley, that they had also expanded their territory. Saying “fuck it” we hopped over the wall and made our way into what looked like a mining field – at least, that’s what I got from the excavation equipment that we came across. The watchman that we ran into didn’t feel like talking to us though when he tricked Ro’Dash into thinking that he was just going to let us go through, and instead ran off to the village.

Harman managed to find us a little cliff to hide on while the search party came through, and when they were far enough out of site we made our way to the cliffs that we originally used to pass over the village.

Oh, by the way. That was fun! Since we all almost fell to our deaths because Rusk slipped and nearly pulled the rest of us down with him. The rain made it slow going, but eventually we crossed. I have a feeling that we’re still not going to rest well tonight.

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Right now, we’re campaing outside of the temple on the other side of the mountains. At least, what used to be the temple. The entire thing has been burned down to the foundation and apparently a bunch of goblins have taken up refuge it in. This Rip Nugget that the rest of them had been talking about seems to have led a little revolt and started making a new “castle” here. Good for them. Tomorrow, we start the trip down the mountain path and back to level land.

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Falltu just lost her shit. Looks like losing her people has finally taken its toll on her and she snapped. We found her by the river balling her eyes out and crawling on her stomach into the water. She finally snapped out of it and started babbling about her people screaming and blood…. Who the hell knows. At any rate, we’re apparently taking a short cut and heading straight across their land to some capital city. Langen I think they called it. We’ll see.

From the records of Commander Rafe, dated 2nd day of Abadius in the year 176:

Today, a group of people came to the walls of Langen Castle. They had fought their way through the Bone Fields and managed to even kill a couple of the necromancers from what my watchmen say. Upon examination, it appears that at least three of them are from this region: I have my doubts about the female as she sporadically spoke an unknown dialect, and one of the males – after examination of the gear that he possessed – seems to have some unfamiliar equipment. Another was a female gnome, while the last was an unknown race, though he did seem to at least comprehend our language. They have been restrained and moved to isolated chambers until we can interrogate them on an individual basis. Follow up report to come.


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