Gathering of An Army

Invasion of the Caverns - Part 1

Session 22

Barregen Cromwell’s Personal Journal…

We returned from the mines successful with arms full of ore, and there’s black smoke billowing from the mouth of the lizard’s hut? Great.

When we followed Rodash towards his home, there wasn’t a need for torches or lanterns, since the entire front gate was burnt to a crisp. The big guy went rushing in, followed by Rusk and Harman rolling through the fire. Falltu decided to try and take a shortcut by smashing down the remaining wall pieces. Apparently, on the other side were three creepy-ass looking hairless dog things that were a pain, but easy enough to manage. After Falltu made us a new door, we followed after Rodash who went running down the hallway.

_As an aside: Looks like Marian is back. I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to miss Rusk or not. He’s kind of a whiny prick and he gave away the armor that I fixed for him. Looks like Marian’s learned a few new tricks in his off-time, too.

We ran from room to room, swerving down those tiny tunnels and finally coming out to a room that opened up. In there were a handful of kobolds, and we finally found out what caused the door’s current debilitating condition – they were getting the crap kicked out of them by a group of goblins.

We helped clean up the green little bastards in time to have a couple of them start loosing fire arrows at us. Getting up close and personal, Harman was able to take one of them hostage and get some info from it. Apparently they’re following this leader Gnaw Back or something, but it had no real idea where this ass was. Rodash went running off again and Falltu followed him, so we finished up and followed them down the tunnel. At least we thought we did.

The goblin lead us to where he thought Gnaw Back was, and we ended up at the forge where there was a huge melee going on. Kobold blood was spilled all over the place, but a lot of them were still fighting. We jumped right into the fray.

Me and Marian started making our way through a bunch of goblins, blowing their shit apart. Harman spotted Falltu and Rodash on the bridge in the middle of the forge: apparently they looped around and came in on the other side. The two of them started fighting this big fucker with an axe who had just cut down a couple of kobolds, while me, Marian and Harman regrouped. Shai must’ve hidden in the tunnel entrance the entire time. Or did that invisible thing that she can apparently do.

As we were trying to make our way to Falltu and Rodash…. man, it was brutal. Rodash was doing this weird lean-back standing thing, but it didn’t do a thing to help him against the goblin’s axe. It just buried right in his chest and blood went everywhere. But as he was swinging, I saw Harman out of the corner of my eye step up and he just started yelling at Rodash. It was…. inspiring.

Rodash hit the ground with a thud, and Falltu freaked out. She dropped her shield and just started wailing on this guy. After he dropped and we took out the last goblin in the forge, we counted the kobold’s that we had saved – four in total – and decided that we badly need a place to take care of Rodash.


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