Gathering of An Army

Other Side of the Door

Session 20

Barregen Cromwell’s Personal Journal…

Hell, I need a drink. At least I got my hands on some new ink though.

This place is dark, and hot, and small, and dark. These lizard things walked us for too long of a time down pitch black tunnels when they left us in what Rusk told us was a small room. Finally something cast some light. This lizard with a staff and some robes who apparently has learned to speak our language somehow. He calls himself the All Watcher and says that he’s their leader. Harman takes the lead and explains our situation. Apparently they’re on some type of quest or mission or some shit that they didn’t bother actually telling me about. They yapped away for a bit and apparently we’re on their good side now, since they took us to a room and gave us food.

When we went back to get the big stone guy, he was gone and had taken the weapons that we’d had to drop with him. Looks like he took Francesco as a snack, too.

Harman went and talked with the Watcher guy again and apparently worked his tongue magic, since we’re getting new weapons to replace what the asshole took with him. They took us down to this hot as balls forgery where they dumped a bunch of weapons for us to sift through. Think I’m going to take this time and try to make myself a new musket while the others have the smiths craft them some new weapons and armor that’s more size appropriate.

Looks like their materials aren’t up to the quality that I am used to. No matter what I do, the iron won’t bend the way I need it to. The forge master told us that there is a mine with veins of iron that could be good enough for what I need though. In the morning, we’ll be taking a little trip.

They gave us cloaks for the cold weather and new fur-lined bedrolls for our travel. The forge master’s apprentice, this big ugly bastard who takes a beating from the kobold but takes it in stride, is going to be our guide to the mine. Mother Nature has laid down about 5 inches of snow in the four days that we’ve been stuck underground. Falltu is freaking the fuck out. Shai is doing her best travelling without her lizard ride.

As we were setting up for camp, the pack of wolves that had been trailing us practically since we left made their move. Almost a dozen of them swarmed on us, with this big black beast as their leader. He was the only one to make it out alive, with Harman planting an arrow in his ass as he ran away. For his sake, he better stay away since I’m probably going to need a new coat soon.


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