Gathering of An Army

Running Away

Session 28

From the official journal of Rear Captain Ambrose Bair, dated the 12th of Desnus…

An incident involving the Oracle occurred today at the northern gates around noon time, according to privates Huff and Bowers. Not wanting to risk the “wrath of the Oracle” – as stated in their notes – they instead risked letting her leave the boundaries of Newhold, though taking some security in the fact that two of her litter guards were accompanying her. However, private Huff was ordered by one of said guards to locate and inform any of the Principle guards that he could, thus returning with the majority of said soldiers. In his notes, Bowers states that, after well over an hour, the Oracle did eventually return with Principles McKeon, Ro’Dash, and Barros. No further incident followed this.

From the official journal of First General Warren Padilla, dated the 13th of Desnus…

I have been informed by Cpt Bair that the Oracle and his principle guardians made an unscheduled departure from our settlement this afternoon, despite my rejections of such a journey by officer McKeon just one day prior. I have a general concept of where they may have traveled, however at this moment in time I do not have the manpower nor the will to send soldiers to rescue them from their own stupidity locate and return the Oracle to Newhold. However, I have been informed by Mj Lt Trumble that there will be severe repercussions for their actions, and apparently Cpt Peter and Thornhill are to be at the ready for their return.


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