Gathering of An Army

Seriously, Bandits

Session 32

From the logs of Gregor Dereling, dated Arodus 13th…

A group of soldiers from Newhold settlement wandered into our establishment just before gate closing this evening. They claimed to have dispatched of a dozen or more bandits on their travels here. Seeing how we have even been having issues tracking down this nuisance, so perhaps at the least they will provide us with a suitable enough track to our enemy that we will be able to take them out once and for all.

From the logs of Gregor Dereling, dated Arodus 15th…

Above even the highest of expectations, this group of rag-tag soldiers – accompanied by a small girl – were not only able to track down the bandits, but also able to dispatch of their leader and return many stolen goods back to us. Their leader, though lacking tact, was very impactful in their return, presenting a spear full of heads from the bandits. A cart full of grains, dry goods, and raw materials was returned to us, and we will be returning to their encampment to retrieve the goods that they were not able to bring back with them.

a generous sum of coin has been collected from the treasuries and tradesmen in the town who benefited greatly from the return of their materials so that we may provide them with a fund for their generous and commendable actions.


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