Gathering of An Army

The Best Laid Plans

Session 35

From the official journal of First General Warren Padilla, dated the 27th of Arodus…

Reports have come in from throughout Newhold of the events from the following night. At just around midnight, a call rang out from a local businessman – a Mr. Marlan Evenor of Evenor’s Manufacturings – that he was being robbed. Guards responded in force and witnessed something fleeing the area. Initial accounts were of something brightly colored moving at impressive speeds from the shop and weaving throughout the tents and structures. While they claimed that it seemed to glow, the object evaded their capture and was soon lost. After this time, it was also reported that a hobgoblin was sighted by the guards of the eastern gate running from the town. How or when he entered Newhold is a mystery that will be investigated and must be solved.

Several other shops had been broken into or vandalized, though none had been reported until the next morning when their owner’s arrived to open for business.

Another event was not reported until the earning morning hours, when a guard was approached by a few townsfolk who reported that a few businesses had not opened; in particular Loaves & Leavenings, Aldren’s Butchery, and Willy’s Wicks. It was not until an hour or so afterwards that the bodies of William Harving, Aldren Liverston, Durran Gargus, and Jon Matthis were found within the home of Mr. Harving above his shop. It has been our conclusion that the breaking and entering and murders were done by the same individuals, and said vandals were in fact a group of hobgoblins that had managed to sneak into our town unnoticed.

From the personal journal of Warren Padilla, dated Arodus 27…

Holy shit, Gods damn us all. Ro’Dash’s planned worked – for the most part – and let’s just hope that we can return to normal after this whole shitstorm has been put to rest. I’d just like everything to go back to paperwork and training, and not have to deal with all of these damned shift reports and extra guard duties.


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