Command General Leonus Moren


As one of the very few career soldiers in the military of the east, Leonus Moren crawled through the ranks to quickly become the right hand of Master General Sarras and leader of the 1st Legion. For the last few years, he has commanded a thousand men to track down the pillaging forces of the Dark Army who skirt the borders of the territories throughout Skalderna, and eventually gathered nearly five-thousand soldiers and volunteers to begin an offensive rather than simply waiting to clean up the mess.

With the near complete devastation of the western front – ending with the carnage at Pramaya – it was the final block that General Moren needed to begin the trek into the heart of the Ashened Vale in pursuit of the ravenous Dark Army. Nearly every man involved with the military was gathered on the bank of the Rakitan River and sent out en mass into the desert. And after two months, Captain Moren returned to Langen with the remaining army.

During one evening, Moren and just a handful of men arrived at the gates of the capital city, having been decimated by the fascinating army of the Master. The blood of thousands of citizens were spilled in the sands and only a few were able to escape the onslaught and return to the relative safety behind the walls of the castle. Along with a hundred or so volunteers, Captain Moren now leads the watchguard of Langen, whose main purpose is to simply ensure that the citizens are safely behind the walls and out of the reach of projectiles fired from the army waiting outside of their walls.

Command General Leonus Moren

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