Major Lieutenant Harrold Trumble


Harold Trumble spent his formative years harvesting turnips on his parents small farm, on the outskirts of the town of Monmuth a suburb outside of Leebrook. His mother Kyline was a small woman who rarely spoke of her past. While his father was an outspoken worker who preferred strong drink and the occasional roll in the hay with the local bar maids.

Harold quickly grew bored with his surroundings, having a pressing need to do more with his life than dig in the dirt and drink wine.

When he turned 14 he met a band of mercenaries who while passing through Monmuth stopped for supplies. The stories they told him enticed his imagination and stoked the growing fire of adventure in his soul.

When the men left, he followed them. The first night they camped, he hid just close enough to see their fire on the horizon. On the second night he crept closer. This continued for a fortnight. One night as he was curled under his cloak and blanket fast asleep, he was ambushed by the very men he was trying to join. They left him with nothing, except his life. He stumbled back to Monmuth defeated.

For the next few years daydreamed about getting out and finding a new place in the world. He started picking up odd jobs around town, guarding crops or escorting important people about town. One of these escorting missions introduced him to a businessman from Leebrook who took a liking to him. He invited Harold to the city to see about more promising work than the sparse jobs afforded by the town.

While in town, he stayed with the businessman, in the loft above his barn. Harold quickly become enamored with the man’s Audrey, who seemed to fancy him as well.

Harold found a job as a guard at the local tavern, which gave him his own room, and steady pay. He was close enough to Audrey that their romance was able to blossom into something more.
He proposed to her when he turned 23 and she was 25. They were married within a month.
They lived together, and were happy. But Harold still wanted more out of life. He decided to volunteer for the city watch. Where he was quickly promoted to Captain. The lifestyle fit him well, and he excelled in military drills and ceremonies. Tactical combat was his favorite to study though. Learning how to exploit an enemy’s weakness was tantamount to victory, he believed.
As time moved along, he began leading patrols, and teaching classes to the new recruits.
He had a son, Harman, shortly after his 35th name day. The boy was his pride and joy. He vowed to give his son every opportunity that he could.

As Harman grew, so did Harold’s responsibilities in the community and to the military. Word was going around that a darkness was building. He knew that there would be a time when men would need leaders. Not just leaders, but tacticians, to lead them to victory.

Up until Harman’s 8th birthday he was homeschooled. But, after much debate and soul searching, Harold and Audrey agreed to send Harman to military school. Not only for his benefit, but for the benefit of the city they called home.

As many children do Harman rebelled against his father, and said he wanted nothing to do with his way of life. Little did he know, this way of life was for his benefit.

When Harman ran away from home, Harrold looked for him, far and wide. For a time he left his duties to others so he could devote all of his time to finding his son. Through a friend who was a scout in one of Harold’s units he found out that Harman hadn’t actually left the city, that he was scurrying about in the dark recesses of the city, making a mockery of the Trumble name.
Comforted knowing his son was alive, and still within the city, he returned to his duties. However, he kept a keen eye out for his son, in the off chance he might meet him in a dark alley, somewhere in town.

Major Lieutenant Harrold Trumble

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