Master General Marshall Sarras

Master General of the Eastern Army


Once a leader in the resistance, Marshall Sarras led forces from the northwest corners of Vlos’Eairthil to the edge of the deserts of the Vale. His group travelled nomadically through these lands, gathering up wanderers lost and on the run within the lands, bringing them to the Vale so that they might be able to eventually find solace in the Eastern Planes. However, once the dwarves came out from the Underdark and began to settle in the west (eventually developing Amberstone), Marshall felt that his job was done. There was no reason to bring people to the east when they would be just as secure behind these new walls. At this point, he made the journey which he had helped so many complete themselves.

Upon reaching Skalderna, he found himself out of place in the oddly peaceful and quiet lands, full of farmers and tradesmiths. Though when rumors of an army springing up in the south finally reached his ears, he knew that he had been brought here for a purpose. Almost immediately he began traveling across the planes, from town to town and city to city, spreading the word that a strong military force must be formed to combat this army of evil.

Eventually, the leaders of the individual cities came to agree with Marshall, and the individual militias and ex-resistance groups were brought together to form an official military. A training center and base were even constructed outside of the capital city, Langen, so that new recruits could be brought in to join the forces.

Due to his history with the resistance and years of fighting the drow, orcs, and hobgoblins, Marshall was made the head of the military force and given the rank of General. He has taken this roll in stride and vowed to lead the forces of Skalderna against the Dark Armies in the hopes leading the east into safety, while eventually wiping the evils of the south and west from the world and bringing these lands back to the way they were centuries ago.

Master General Marshall Sarras

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