Gravehead Shield

Ancient though sturdy shield


A thick iron shield, wrapped tightly with soiled linens, carries the skull and filigree resembling a tombstone. Rusted and jagged at the bottom, the metal appears to have been broken long ago.

Once a tower, it has now been broken to the size of a heavy shield, though it still retains it’s masterwork quality. Rather obviously, the shields grips and straps have been re-positioned to balance with the new length. Because of the sheared metal, a successful shield bash can deal either blunt or slashing damage. The sharp bottom also allows the shield to still be planted, though only at partial cover.

Heavy Shield
Armor Bonus +2
Maximum Dex Bonus —
Armor Check Penalty -1
Arcane Spell Failure 15%
Weight 25 lbs
Cost n/a


This shield has been passed down through the hobgoblin clans, taken up by whomever holds the mantle of Bloodclaw. During a bid for power, the Bloodclaw had planted the shield for a blast of demoralization when the challenger charged through and broke the shield off at the base. Though the shield had lost it’s mythic powers from that point, it was still a symbol of position and thus has been taken up by each Bloodclaw thereafter.

Gravehead Shield

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