Metal Sleeve

weapon (melee)

The metal sleeve is a sleeve of wire mesh with half inch-thick metal plates on the forearm, shoulder, back of the hand, and each knuckle, making it quite heavy and dangerous when being used by someone who can move comfortably with it on.

The metal sleeve is a one-handed melee weapon that cannot be wielded in two hands. A character cannot wield a metal sleeve that is any size category other than theirs, no matter what the conditions. A character must have a Strength score of at least 16 to wield a metal sleeve. You may hold, but not wield, a weapon or other object in a hand covered with the sleeve.

If a character fights defensively while wearing a metal sleeve he gains a bonus +1 to their AC. In addition, a character wielding two metal sleeves receives a +2 bonus to their AC, though at a -2 to their attack bonus in addition to the two-weapon fighting penalties. Whenever a character with monk levels wields this weapon, their unarmed damage is treated as four levels higher.

The Metal Sleeve is a special monk weapon.

Exotic One-Handed Melee
Critical x3
Range -
Damage 1d3
Armor Check Penalty -2
Arcane Spell Failure 15%
Weight 15 lbs
Cost 200 gold


Metal Sleeve

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