Spider Fang Dagger

weapon (melee)

This masterworks, foot-long, keen dagger has a dark bone-hued blade that has been sharpened to the point of transparency along its edge. The handle and blade are both carved from the same tooth and, aside from the dark oiled leather strapping wrapped around the hilt as a grip, because of such have a similar bonelike appearance. The hilt is inlaid with small etched spider webs wrapping around its base. At the bottom of the hilt is a compartment where a vial of poison is held. On a critical strike, the vial breaks and the poison is delivered through the naturally occurring channel through the tooth. Loading a new vial into the compartment is a move action.

Simple One-handed Melee
Critical – 17-20/x2
Range – 10 ft.
Type – P or S
Damage – 1d4
Weight – 1 lb.
Cost – 355 gp


The tooth used to craft this dagger was broken from the jaws of a wolf spider corpse, who, while alive, tried to kill Rusk. This happened along the party’s journey on the north of the mountains which ultimately led them to the kobald village.

Harman, ever the egotist, took the tooth as a trophy. At night around the fire he would hold it and imagine what it would be like to have teeth as large and powerful as the monster it came from. The more he looked at it, the more he saw its hidden potential. Slowly in his head he worked away the outer layers until he saw what was hiding below. Without having the ability himself, he was forced to wait until the opportunity arose for someone more skilled to tool it into its true form. After aiding the kobolds in their battle against the goblins, Harman asked their head smith to attempt crafting the weapon. After much time and scrutiny, the Spider Fang Dagger was born.

Spider Fang Dagger

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