Ixenmiirik, translated roughly from the kobold language as Firesong, is located within the lands of Thakzil Daussir, or the Land of White. The entrance his hidden behind the Fire Falls, named so for the red glow that it receives from the sunlight shining through during the spring and summer seasons. For generations it has been the home of the kobold clan Naktar Wer Orn Deevdru. Also known in the common tongue as the Keepers of the Silver Son, they have spent their entire lives keeping safe the secrets of Lendys, the Balancer of Lives.

The kobolds are continuously expanding their home, constantly digging new tunnels and discovering natural caverns that they can transform into amazing structures. The main downfall of their system is the lack of organization and planning included, therefore getting just around the corner may take several minutes, if not hours if you do not know the way.

The main feature of Ixenmiirik is by far the forge. During an excavation, the kobolds found a natural magma flow. Before this, the kobolds had used simple coal fires to heat their forges and craft their weapons. However, an idea came from the Master Craftsman Eidoo at the time to use the magma to heat their forges, thus a long and intense project began. Slowly they expanded the chamber above the pocket of molten rock, eventually creating a large room sitting just above this intense heat source. Many, many lives were lost in the building of this forge, however eventually they built several dozen hearths that expose the magma below with chimneys and drafts that vent the smoke and excess heat.

The job of the clan for years has been relatively simple. During the warmer months, what few there are, they are able to travel about with little threat due to their large numbers, collecting supplies and materials to repair any structures – including the plentiful birch forests all around, as well as the coal and iron mines that have been dug in the sides of the mountains. When the temperature falls and the snow follows, they lock themselves behind their large gate and open their passageways to allow the heat from their enormous furnaces to warm the tunnels and caverns. The only issue that has persisted throughout the years has been the ever slowly encroaching goblin tribes that make their ways from the north and east during the winter months, as the kobolds are locked away within the mountain.

Other than the occasional annoyance of a small goblin party, the clan has lived a simple and secretive life thus far. With no other races or clans within their lands, they are able to hide behind their curtain of water and within their tunnels in peace and silence.



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