Langen Castle

It was after the third Dark War that the lands of the east were in chaos. Those who were fortunate enough to flee made their way to the only stronghold outside of Crestfall, while the rest either died at the hands of the savages or sought refuge within small colonies scattered to the north. This fortified city, Langenhold, was built by the Magi of the Crest and had stood for thousands of years as more of a tourist attraction than a working city. However, now it was home to the last remaining hope for the people of the east. The only somewhat free people left in the world.

Langenhold became the haven for every human who dared cross the Ashened Vale in hopes of escaping the hunting parties of the drow and ogres (despite them not knowing their true destination. Even though travelers may have had intentions of finding their safety behind the the Great Wall, they were usually met by teams of escorts who would bring them to true safety). Eventually the city began to fill with people and after a time, things began to settle into an almost normal pace. Far enough away from the territory boarders and beyond the cares of the dark elves, these people had almost no more fears. Other than the occational band of gnolls or goblins milling about, all was relatively peaceful.

After nearly one-hundred and fifty years of this uneasy peace, they realized that a fortified city was not what they needed now. The people who had packed in behind the walls had begun to build houses beyond the city limits, and small shops and visiting tradesmen began to settle into the vacant spaces. Buildings slowly amassed as humans, gnomes, halflings and just very recently small groups of dwarves have found a permanent place to sling their goods. The true sign of times returning is the archaic senate that has sprung up to govern the city.

Now, this once heavily fortified citadel is a maze of walkways and streets, weaving throughout a patchwork of haphazard architectural styles. Several areas of markets have been created, and during every Fireday the streets are lined with vendors from all directions of the compass. The militaristic feel of the city has disapeared, and even the citizens and visitors to the area have renamed it Langen, dropping all pretence of the warlike demeanor it once held.

Langen Castle

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